I am sleeping a lot better. I never realized I wasn’t sleeping as well as I should have before getting adjusted.

I was experiencing low back pain and now my low back feels amazing.
When your sleeping better and your back doesn’t hurt, it puts you in a better mood, it helps everything.

My energy is much better. Every day when 3 o’clock would hit, I would become very tired and I don’t have that drop anymore, my energy stays high all day.

I have seen huge benefits from chiropractic care here at Vital Energy Chiropractic, my husband and son have also seen huge benefits from their chiropractic care- It’s been good for our whole family.  
                               - Jaime Petersdorf, age 34
I am a UPS driver and had come to Vital Energy Chiropractic because I was having lower back pain and difficulty with bending. I was also having trouble breathing and I had went to a medical doctor because I was concerned about my heart.

When I started getting spinal adjustments my breathing and my flexibility improved. I don’t have to think about bending, which I do a lot with my job.

I will continue to get adjusted because I feel than that I can stay healthy, be flexible, and maintain my good posture and performance.
                           - Trance Burchard, age 44
The biggest change I have noticed since receiving care at Vital Energy Chiropractic has been my mobility and being able to do things I hadn’t been able to do for a long time .

I make metal sculptures and like to work in my garage. Before getting adjusted, I would have a lot of pain while working. Even 5-10 mins of dishes would cause low back pain and my neck would “go out” causing me to have headaches.

Now, I am able to bend, lift and reach high to grab things while I am working in my garage without being out of breath or in pain. I also don’t feel like I’m going to mess something up while doing physical things. I feel more relaxed and it’s been a huge improvement in my health and life overall! 
                                     - Steve Carson, age 63
Drs. Terah and Michael McClain and their children Evan, Jasper and Jaidyn
Vital Energy Chiropractic
A Vitalistic Approach
Our Helena chiropractors, Dr. Michael McClain and Dr. Terah McClain have created a great healing environment for you to begin your journey toward better health.

Vital Energy Chiropractic is here to give you all the opportunities possible to create optimal health and live an amazing life.

Finding the Source
Our corrective care chiropractic means that we get to the underlying cause of your problem. Rather than looking for a quick fix, we will help you to feel great and fulfill the plan God has for you, whatever that may be.

There is no typical condition we treat, because we are able to help with so many different concerns. We see patients seek
ing help with a variety of ailments and are able to help them live full lives.

Providing a Full-Body Approach
Chiropractic care will remove any interference in your body causing the problems you currently have. This addresses a main part of your health. In addition to this, we concentrate on other areas of your life, including:

       Nutrition and Exercise Stress Management Weight Loss         Rehabilitation Exercises

We even hold workshops based on these topics to bring you more health knowledge. You can create a better life, and we can help you get there.

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